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Run to Remember 5K

Contact Information:
Sunday Sep 26, 2021 8:00AM

Run to Remember 5k - In Remembrance of Ed Harris

A message from Jeff Harris:

"Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. "Run to Remember" was created in inspiration of Ed Harris, who had passed from COVID-19 in April of 2020. The purpose of this 5k race is to help support all who were affected by the physical, mental, and social impact of COVID-19. Although we are transitioning back to normal life, there are still so many people that are feeling the wrath of this terrible virus. By just registering for this event, your money is going to thousands of families in need."

Virtual Runners will be emailed a personal link to input thier times a few days before race day. They can run any day, anywhere they want to.

Thank you

Run to Remember Charities

NJ Pandemic Relief Fund Logo

NJ Pandemic Relief Fund: NJPRF was created to address the social, economic, and medical impact of COVID-19 on New Jersey.




HFCF: HFCF is a registered 501 (C3) comprised of a group of professionals, entrepreneurs and parents in Monmouth County working together to raise funds with the end result of making a significant positive difference in the lives of children. HFCF originated in 2004 with the simple goal of "getting together with family, friends, and colleagues to make a difference in our community. Fourteen years later, HFCF, formerly called Hope For Children Foundation, has evolved into a leading fundraising organization in Monmouth County.

Official Race Course


Donate - Use this button below to Donate to all of those affected by the COVID-19 Virus. This feature allows you to directly donate, choose a referrer (someone who told you about the event), and leave a personalized message.

Become a Fundraiser - Use this button below to start your own internal fundraising group within this charity event! If different members of your family, business, or organization want to set a goal and spread the word, create your group here.

Register - Click "Register" below to sign up for the race. This button is an all-encompassing option that allows you to register, start a fundraising group, donate, and pick your t shirt size! You can also register other family/friends/colleagues. I would recommend using this button if you want to get everything done at once. 

Participant Listing - See who else is coming to the event! 

Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

5K Run (chip timed) - Running - 5K $45.00 - Register 8:00 am N/A
5K Walk (not timed) - Running - 5K $45.00 - Register 8:00 am N/A
5K Virtual Run/Walk - Running - 5K $45.00 - Register 8:00 am N/A
5K Student Walk (not timed) - Running - 5K $25.00 - Register 8:00 am N/A
5K Student Run (chip timed) - Running - 5K $25.00 - Register 8:00 am N/A

Fundraising Stats

Total Raised
Current Goal
High Donation
Average Donation
$4,388.00 Jeffrey Harris
$3,860.00 Linda Harris - The Harris Family Team - Linda, Dave, Chris, Emily & Carolin $350.00 Megan Buxbaum - Holmdel High School Dance Team $285.00 Joe Harris - Harris Florida Family $100.00 madison luttrell - Holmdel High School Dance Team $50.00 Emma Tesler - Holmdel High School Dance Team $50.00 Jeff Zhou - Jeff, Dina and Nick $25.00 Bella Bongiovi - Holmdel High School Dance Team $25.00 Leslie Long $0.00 Abigail Umans - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Adriana Piccarelli - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Allison Kline - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Amanda Ledo $0.00 Bianca Rizzo - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Calista Silletti - CKO $0.00 Casey Haddox - Haddox Team $0.00 Chiara Yi - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 cynthia ammirati - Ed Harris $0.00 Devon Roth - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 ella baldari - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Ella Blackmore - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Jack Flanagan $0.00 Jim Goetz - Functionised $0.00 Jules Vitolo - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Kaitlyn Vitolo - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Lilly Wiener - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Madison Rivera - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Madison Way - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Megan Butler - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Molly Lakritz - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Rachel Lee - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Raquel Teper - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Sophia Weiner - Holmdel High School Dance Team $0.00 Sophia Weiner - Holmdel High School Dance Team
Heather F. $50.00 Mrinal D. - A tremendous effort from all of you to arrange this. $500.00 Frank M. $50.00 Joseph F. - Your family is in our prayers. The Fiore Family $300.00 David B. $100.00 Jack O. - ❤️ $175.00 Ankur S. - Chris - happy to contribute to such a good cause! Condolences for your loss and hope you are your family are well. $100.00 Jody a. - We will always remember Ed with love. $50.00 daniel m. - Hey Jeff because of travel plans I couldnt get there today. You, Eddie and all Harris Clan were in my thoughts. I hope all Harris Family makes it to Holmdel Reunion October 2nd at Donovans Reef. Hope to catch up $100.00 Michael p. - Hope you had a successful event for these great causes $25.00 Nina B. $25.00 Desiree B. $25.00 John S. - For the cause $50.00 Emma B. $35.00 Diane L. - Ed and his family remain in our thoughts, Phil, Diane and the Lakritz family $200.00 Amanda L. $15.00 Denise K. $30.00 Jonathan C. - :-) $30.00 James I. $100.00 Sean F. - Always great to see the community come together. $100.00 Kristin D. $50.00 Michelle S. $30.00 Ellen T. $50.00 Colleen f. - In loving memory of a very special man in our community. Our hearts and prayers to the whole Harris family. Love, the Fischer Family $30.00 Steven M. - I never met Ed but always wanted to based on the stories Dina would tell me about her relationship. Dina and sons, amazing courage, strength and humidity. $500.00 $100.00 Joseph F. $50.00 Chenyu W. - Miss our times together, thanks to your family for making growing up so special $100.00 Joseph T. - Happy to support a great charity in honor of such an amazing man! $100.00 Miguel S. - Best of luck with the run! $40.00 Suhasini S. - Jeff - This is such a great initiative to honor your father. Hope this little contribution helps someone in need. $50.00 Dan H. - All the best, Dan. $100.00 Laura D. $25.00 Erik A. $50.00 Tracy W. - We love you all Harris Family..........Tracy Welch and Family . Wish we could be there with you. $100.00 kevin m. - Prayers to the Harris Family $50.00 James B. - GOD bless Ed $1,000.00 Bob P. $50.00 Victoria E. - We miss Ed :( we can’t imagine your grief and the void that was left in your family. He was truly one of the nicest guys in Holmdel. Gob bless you all and we will never forget him. Much love, The Entwistle’s - Vicki, John, Emily and Frankie $100.00 Donna C. $100.00 Steven C. - God Bless, from the Cederdahl's $50.00 Lance D. - Can't be there to run but wanted to send support! $30.00 Lucas M. - The Mayell Family $100.00 Mary H. - Ed Harris was a loving person who made the world a better place. $25.00 John M. $50.00 Sharon H. - Run to remember $50.00 Maria G. - Dina .. Love u!!! $100.00 Gino D. $30.00 Justin T. $25.00 Carolyn E. - We Love You!!! - The Eknoian Family $100.00 Zachary g. $30.00 dino p. $200.00 Tarun B. $50.00 Nicholas H. $50.00 Daniel P. $250.00 Michael S. $100.00 Jordan S. $100.00 Alexander E. $25.00 David G. $100.00 Christopher M. $500.00 cory w. $25.00 Nikki M. - So glad we can be there for this! $200.00 Jessica P. - We love you! $50.00 Milissa P. - Hope the charity race goes well!! Sorry I can’t be there. <3 $30.00 Francesca A. - Thinking of you and your family every day! $20.00 Anthony M. $50.00 Robert J. $20.00 Catherine F. - Ed is the best! $200.00 Christian T. - With love from the Tesoriero's $20.00 William M. $200.00 corey n. $25.00 Jack F. $20.00 Roseanne W. - Good Luck on the Event! Ed is smiling down on all of you ❤️ $50.00 Lori T. - Best of luck for this worthy cause! Ed was a great husband, father, friend/coach. - Mike & Lori Torrese $50.00 Thomas T. $25.00 Kristen R. $40.00 Christopher H. - In remembrance of Ed Harris. We'll deeply miss him. - Chris Harris $750.00 Evan M. - Continue to wish the Harris family the best $100.00 Lucia N. - God Bless you boys for doing such a wonderful thing in your dad's memory $100.00 Dan M. - If Madison is involved, I'm In $100.00 Steven B. $100.00 Dylan S. $70.00 Matthew M. $30.00 Edward C. $20.00 Mark B. $20.00 Diane D. - Dina, Jeff and Nick, What a wonderful cause and tribute! $100.00 Matt P. $25.00 Dana B. $50.00 Lawrence L. $100.00 Megan B. $50.00 james p. $100.00 Kate M. - I can't be there in person, but I can be in spirit. The world lost a good soul too soon. $50.00 Shayna G. $20.00 Patricia L. - the Loughlin Family $100.00 Brian S. $40.00 Maryann K. - Remembering Ed… $50.00 Tamara T. - In memory of Ed. All our Love to Dina, Jeff, and Nick!! Sorry we couldn't be there. Love The Tobins $100.00 Tim M. - We miss you Ed.......The McDonnell's $100.00 Lynn M. $25.00 Francois C. $100.00 Jill B. - My name is Jill (Marder).I was a classmate of Eddie at HHS (class of ‘83). Eddie was the nicest guy. May his memory be for a blessing. $18.00 Andrew K. - Dear Dina, Jeff, Nick - sending love to you all. Andrew and Heather Kayiira $100.00 Guilis A. - Dina, Jeff & Nick - hoping to join you next year! With love, Guilis $100.00 Michael M. - Wishing you all the best and for a successful day in all regards. Mike & Kristy $200.00 Susan T. - Best of luck with the event $50.00 Nichole S. $500.00 Jeffrey H. - From Ryan Gardner - “For people affected by COVID-19” $60.00 Francine C. - So sorry I will be out of town, but happy to donate. I think of Ed often ❤️ $50.00 Chantea G. - T- Shirts $250.00 Gerard N. $100.00 Julie R. $50.00 Thomas C. - From Texas Roadhouse Holmdel $200.00 Nancy R. - Use this where you see fit $300.00 Bonnie P. - In honor of Ed $200.00 Vincent P. - t shirt sponsor $250.00 Michael F. $50.00 Stacey H. - Ed Harris Forever in Our Hearts!!!! We Love You....Dina, Jeff and Nick!!!! ❤ $100.00 Dwayne L. $200.00 Paul P. $300.00 $20.00 Evan P. $20.00 Thomas A. - Jeff, Nick, and the entire Harris family - this is so awesome what you are doing. The event is going to be a huge success! $50.00 Charles H. - For Ed Harris’s dedicated life to his family and the Holmdelcommunity $250.00 Kathleen O. - We love you Dina, Jeff & Nick! Ed is forever in our hearts!❤️ $100.00 Jack C. - Running to support all those who are and have struggled from COVID, particularly my buddy Nick Harris. Its the least I can do to show support for such an awesome dude. $20.00 Teresa P. - T-Shirt Sponser Hazlet Pharmacy $500.00 Bill C. - T-Shirt Sponsor The Cadigan Family-CORE Construction Management $500.00 Terence W. - The Wall Family $100.00 John C. $100.00 Matthew F. $100.00 Stacy T. - Ed will never be forgotten. We miss him every day and love you Dina, Jeff and Nick...xo $50.00 Brendan B. - Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to a great cause and honor the legacy of Ed Harris $100.00 Julian E. $50.00 Lori E. - $100 for banner and $100 for t-shirt sponsor $200.00 Lucas M. $20.00 Emily H. $100.00 Peter T. - Love you guys ❤️ $25.00 Emily L. $20.00 Joey F. - In memory of Mr. Harris, may this help someone impacted by this terrible virus. $30.00 Troy G. $30.00 Madeline G. $20.00 Jack F. - Love the family ❤️ $20.00 A D. - t-shirt sponsor $100.00 Robert P. - In memory of all those who have been lost to Covid-19 $25.00 John G. - Graziano & Co. T Shirt Donation $250.00 Joe H. - Tshirt sponsor $1,000.00 Irene P. $20.00 Laura B. $50.00 Robin F. $100.00 Lauren c. - So proud of you Jeff and Nick. Love to you Dina. $100.00 Ginger K. $50.00 Roxy M. - Rootin' for ya $25.00 Shannon M. $100.00 Theresa L. - Great Idea Best of Luck ! $50.00 Pam L. - Love and hugs from the Lawrences in Texas $100.00 Leah F. - For Ed and all that have passed from Covid-19. $25.00 Anthony A. - Gods speed $50.00 John H. - We love you Ed! $100.00 Courtney C. $20.00 Parker B. $50.00 Dina M. - In honor of my wonderful caring husband. So missed- $250.00 Paul I. - In Memory of Ed. With Love, the Ippolito Family $1,000.00 charles h. - In honor of Ed Harris $100.00 Dana C. - This is awesome! The Campanella family will be running! $50.00 Linda M. - We love you Ed <3 $100.00 Joe H. - Remembering Ed! Great brother, father, and husband. $100.00 Matthew G. - Jeff man, thanks for doing something great for your community. I'm sure your pops is proud; God bless brother. $100.00 Henry W. $50.00 Nancy T. - Sending love to Dina, Jeff and Nick! Such a wonderful tribute to Ed! $100.00 Linda M. - Love you guys <3 Happy to support this great cause in memory of our wonderful brother and uncle, Ed Harris! $100.00 Carly M. $15.00 Joseph M. $50.00 Anthony T. $30.00 Paige B. $50.00 Grace S. $10.00 Alexandra K. $10.00 Madison F. $10.00 Jeffrey H. - Test - to start us off! $100.00