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Nav-e-sink or Swim Distance Festival

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Sunday May 28, 2023 7:30AM

For 2023, we decided to stay with the .8 mile loop course. Swimmers can elect to do one loop .8, two loops 1.6 or 3 loops 2.4. Swim directionwill be clockwise this year since the tide will be going out. High Tide 3:52AM,m Low tide 11:12AM

 If you feel you need to stop early and let's say only do 2 loops instead of 3 loops or if you decide to go from 1 loop to 2 or three, you may do so , however, and this is paramount, you will need to go to the timer (who will be located near the announcer) immediately after you finish. We want to make sure that all of your split times are read accurately.

NOTE: All swimmers must exit the water at the end of EACH LOOP and cross the center timing mats then go back in for additional loops. Swimmers that do not  go across loop mat will automatically be entered in the .8 mile swim no matter what your time is.

VERY IMPORTANT that all make sure their chips are NOT UNDER WETSUIT. We need to make sure that all splits are captured. We calculate what distance you swam by the number of split reads we get (and the time between each loop). 

Contest can be changed on race morning if needed. No need to notify us ahead of time.

ALL REGISTRAIONS ONLINE ONLY, including race day. 

NO PAPER ENTRIES. Register at home before you leave or use your phone when you arrive

Race day registration will be available. T-shirts, while supplies last.

Packet Pick up will be available Saturday from 4-6PM at the race site and Sunday starting at 7AM-8:20AM ONLY. ALL 2.4 swimmers will need to be checked in by 7:30AM. 1.2 Swimmers can arrive and pick up anytime until 8:15AM only, this also applies to the kid’s swim participants. All swimmers must enter the water no later than 8:30AM.

Please be considerate of your fellow athletes and adhere to the guidelines for safer outdoor gatherings. We request that all spectators and athletes please adhere to guidelines for safe social gatherings.

We will be doing a TIME TRIAL TYPE START this year. Each participant's time will not start until they actually CROSS over the start timing mat. Chip Times for all.

We will be swimming in a clockwise rotation. Start will be on the West Side (furthest from street) of the beach. The line will start at the stairs and go back from there. We will start lining up at about 7:30 for the 2.4 mile swim, first come first serve.

Buoys on your RIGHT at all times. After making the  first turn around  the dock, it will be a straight line of 4 more buoys then a complete 180 degree turn to the right and swim back, around the dock and either finish to the left (near street) (under yellow finish arch) or swim to the middle (tall flags in middle) and cross the mat and back in the water for your second or third loop.


For 2.4 mile swimmers, after you round the docks and have the beach in sight, swim directly towards the MIDDLE of the beach where you will see SSR flags and an exit the water chute to come out, go over the timing mat and start your second loop. Second loop is exactly the same as the first loop. At the finish of the second loop go through the middle split mat chute and proceed to your third loop. All finishers only finish at the yellow arch.(East Side, closest to the street)

Results:  We will email you your results as soon as you finish the swim. Grab your cell phone and get your times and check overall places etc.


Places will change continually until the last finisher is in. 

We will NOT be having an award ceremony, or printing results at the event, in an effort to reduce close contact gatherings. Results are ALL ONLINE LIVE.

 You will be able to get your age group awards electronically by returning to the results link at the end of the race and click on your name to get your official finisher certificate/Age group award. We have implemented a 5 year award category breakdown this year.

 Athlete Start Times:
All swimmers can enter starting at 7:30AM until 8:30AM, no later. This is a time trial start.

Swimmers will not be able to enter the water for additional laps later than 9:15AM.

Kids Swim 300 yards at 9:30 (12 yrs and younger) 

Warm up time 7:15-7:40 using the whole cove area. Please DO NOT go near the bulkhead area closest to the street. There is debris in that area. Once the race has started, warm up will be allowed on the far west end of the beach (to the left of the finish arch) ONLY.

Note: Parking is limited in the area. See the map for street locations.
Best to park on: Lafayette, Washington, Allen, 1st, 2nd and 3rd streets, Hunt, Church even Park if needed. Only a block or 2 away. Please do not park at Salt Creek Grill or in any business parking lots, they will tow.
Arrive early enough to find a space. Additional parking available at the Rumson Crew lot just west of Victory Park.


All swimmers will start at the same location (east side of beach, near dock). All swimmers will FINISH at the same location (East side of beach, closest to street) YELLOW ARCH. Split point is in the middle.

At check in, we will be marking your hand with your chip number. Chips  need to be placed  OVER your wetsuit (for easier removal) or on your ankle below the bottom of your wetsuit. DO NOT PUT YOUR CHIP UNDER YOUR WETSUIT. Please place on your ankle only, not on your wrist!

Very important! When you come through the shoot, please move quickly to the end as there is not much room on the beach and we cannot let it back up. non returned chips will be charged $25.

Port-o-johns will be available NEAR THE BASKETBALL COURT.

Please do not use the borough bathrooms. Please also help us clean up, the Borough of Rumson has a Memorial Day Parade and festivities at Victory Park the following day. Please carry out what you brought in or use the trash containers for waste.

Be Safe, Stay Healthy

Doug Rice, Split Second Racing

Changes or questions, please use this form

No refunds. Rain or shine event.

Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

2.4 Mile Swim (3 Loops) - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $38.00 - by April 30 7:30 am N/A
1.6 (2 loops) - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $38.00 - by April 30 7:30 am N/A
.8 (1 loop) - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $38.00 - by April 30 7:30 am N/A
Kids Swim 150 yards - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $25.00 - register 9:30 am N/A