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Nav-e-sink or Swim Distance Festival

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Sunday May 30, 2021 8:00AM

It's Official. the race is on. No mass start this year, so you will all have to just push as hard as you can to race against the clock.

Full Participant list here. Updated once a week

Low tide is at 7:40AM, so we will be swimming in a counter clockwise rotation.

We will be practicing social distancing durint the 2021 event. There will not be a mass start this year.

We ask that for the most part, people do not show up until about 30 minutes prior to start time. Also, when swimmers finish, please do not hang around.  Results and Award certificates will be available online as you finish (as well as instant email) No printed results will be displayed. Award certificates will be available to print at the end of the event.

Because of Covid restrictions, we will not be able to provide food this eyar, only bottle water. Sorry :-(

The 2.4 mile swim will start at 7:30AM. Swimmers will need to line up in a single file starting at the beach (east side near street) and extending up the stairs and flowing all the way back into the rear end Victory Park. Please remain a minimum of 6 feet apart. Your clock will start when you cross over the start mat. Please do NOT go anywhere near the start mat until you are ready to start.

The 1.2 mile swim will start at 8:45AM, same set up.

All starts will be near the east side (near road) stairs.

All finishes will be near the west side (away from road)

2.4 mile split points are in the middle of both stairs.

It will be a counterclockwise rotaion, tide will be coming in starting at 7:45AM

LIVE RESULTS posted as they finish.

Any and all changes can be made at packet pick up

Packet pick up will be available from 4:30-6:30PM on Saturday at the race site Victory Park.  Good idea if you can make it before race day to avoid lines. 

RACE DAY AND PACKET PICK UP IS also be available Sunday Morning starting at 6:45AM

Any and all changes can be made at packet pick up.

There is a time limit on the swim. Anyone still in the water at 10:20, will be removed and brought in. 

​Water Temp usually about 70 degrees

​At check in, we will be marking your left hand and your cap with your chip number. Chips  need to go below or over your wetsuit for timing, on your ankle only, not on your wrist. Please do not cover your chip with your wetsuit.


Race Price Start Time Sanctioning Organization

1.2 Mile Swim - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $48.00 - Late Registration after April 30 8:00 am N/A
2.4 Mile Swim - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $48.00 - Late Registration after April 30 8:00 am N/A
Kids Swim 150 yards - Open water swim - Open Water Swim $25.00 - pre-register 10:00 am N/A